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The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Career Grantsaim to support oncologic research by awarding outstanding young Principal Investigators (PI) wishing to establish their independent laboratory in a public or private non-profit Italian research institution.

A maximum of two grants will be awarded in the 2017 call


The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Career Grant is open to researchers:

  • of any citizenship;
  • below age forty;
  • holding a PhD degree;
  • with at least ten papers, including reviews, of which at least threeas first, last or corresponding author, in peer-reviewed indexedinternational scientific journals;
  • which have at leasttwenty-four months training in other Country(ies) than the one where the highest degree before the PhD was delivered.

Hosting Institution
Nine public or private non-profit Italian research institution are eligible to host a PI, holder of a Career Grant. The list of the hosting institutions can be downloaded from List of 2017 Hosting Institutions.
The Candidates must contact the Hosting Institutions in which they would like to establish their laboratory before making a final selection. The signed Hosting Agreement, which is part of the Application, is the hosting institution’s approval of the candidate application. 
A maximum of three candidates per hosting institution are allowed. For each call, only one PI can be awarded and hosted in the same institution, regardless the number of candidates that have applied.


The overall funding for a PI is of 320,000 Euro over five years according to the following funding scheme:

  Foundation Berlucchi      Hosting Institution
I year:

45.000€ PI salary*
25.000€ running costs

II year: 45.000€ PI salary* +
25.000€ running costs 
III year: 35.000€ PI salary* +
10.000€ running costs
10.000€ PI salary*+
15.000€ running costs
IV year: 25.000€ PI salary*   20.000€ PI salary*+
10.000€ running costs
V year: 15.000€ PI salary* 30.000€ PI salary*+
10.000€ running costs
TOTAL 225.000€ 95.000€
*PI salary = the employer gross salary to be paid for a PI, inclusive of all insurance, taxes and benefits.

Each Career Grant holder will be awarded with an annual contract, renewable up to a maximum of five years total. The renewal is subordinated to the annual evaluation made by the Guido Berlucchi Foundation’s Technical Scientific Committee and the hosting institution’s Scientific Director. The PI's salary cannot be cumulated with other funds that the "Guido Berlucchi Foundation’s Carrer Grant".

Application procedure and deadline
Applicants should submit their Application by email to from 1st March 2017 until 31st May 2017 at 12:00am (Central European Time). Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

In order to be considered eligible, Applications must be composed of:

  • Application Form Application Form Career2017, duly filled in all its parts;
  • Applicant’s CV, preferably in Europass format;
  • Hosting Agreement Hosting Agreement Career2017 signed by the hosting legal representative;
  • Authorization(s) for human and/or animal research, if pertinent to the proposal.

Evaluation procedure
Applications will first be subjected to an administrative eligibility check.
They will then be evaluated by two members of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Guido Berlucchi Foundation, plusone external reviewer chosen among eminent experts on the basis of the topic of the research project.
Applications will be selected accordingly to the set evaluation criteria Evaluation Criteria Career2017.

If you have any queries regarding the call or the application process, and you can not find the answer in our FAQ section [FAQ calls 2017] please contact the Guido Berlucchi Foundation at . In your email indicate also a phone number , where you could be reached during working hours. You will receive a written answer within three working days.